Wahoooo! -Employed!

I started working at The S/L/A/M Collaborative in Glastonbury, CT a few weeks ago. It has been a great experience thus far! Very happy with my decision.

This new internship has been everything I need so far. In three weeks I have:
1.worked with 3 principals on a total of 5 different projects
2.been invited to attend the AIA CT Annual Conference
3.been on a job site multiple times
4.met and connected with many people (this was a main reason why I tried out a new firm)
5.put my big boy pants on and introduced myself to the President of the firm…(note #4)

Stay hungry my friends.


Major (delayed) update

One might say that I owe everyone here (and the guy writing this) an update. Well, quite frankly, that person would be right. So here goes:

I finished my semester about 2 weeks ago, wrenched on the Z for a few days and hopped on a plane to cross the pond and land in Portugal. Yes, family visit, nothing out of the ordinary.

I finished the semester strong, and finished with As across the board. A in History (Holy cow, I can’t believe it either), A in Site Planning, and A- in Studio. Realistically, I’m content with these grades. This was the last semester that counted towards our architecture GPA for acceptance to the masters program at Wentworth. I decided to take a lighter course load to make sure I could go out with a bang.

I have guaranteed my admittance to the Master’s program (pending a catastrophic change) by having an architecture GPA higher than a 3.2; I will be entering with a 3.76.

In terms of non academic “stuff” this semester, I learned how to make a couple bucks to fund my car hobby by selling vinyl decals. I also pushed my car photography skills by developing The Drive with a fellow gear head (Brandon). In terms of general photography, I submitted to a few different photo contests and was overall very successful, the most recent being the Wentworth photo contest.

Below is a link to my portfolio of my work.

Here is a brief representation of this semester’s work:

Thanks everyone!

A 2014 Update

2014 has been the fastest year to my memory. I started the year with an awesome internship at Amenta Emma Architects, a dominate firm in the Tri-state area. I worked for AEA for about 4 months, before it was time to come back to Boston to complete my Junior year.
As I near the completion of the semester, I have begun to search for another internship opportunity, this time for the fall. I hope to land somewhere that has ties to international architecture, as this has been a spot of curiosity for me for some time now. My top choice is Steffian Bradley Architects in Enfield, Connecticut.
In terms of Academics, the semester is going well. Even though I have never taken classes during a summer semester, I have still been able to stay focused and motivated throughout my projects. My favorite course this semester thus far has been studio.
Outside of work and academics, 2014 has also been the year of new beginnings and success unrelated to school and work. In January, I Co-Founded The Drive, a car enthusiast driven Youtube & media channel hosted by two guys who just love cars. We can be seen on all the major social media networks including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Competitive Living


Yep, still breathing and kicking (butt!). The semester is moving along quickly, and although I haven’t posted much, I’ve been pretty active, both at home and at work. It just hasn’t been quite post-worthy if you know what I mean. 

I think I finally have something for you folks. 

Over the last 10 days or so, I’ve stepped back to observe the “big picture” of my life. 21, have a car, a beautiful girlfriend, a job, and working towards my degrees. So far so good. Then I stepped back even further, and asked myself what I wanted for my 2-3 year future. Do I want to stay at Amenta Emma Architects and see where that leads me? Do I want to switch fields? Do I want to try another firm? Do I want to try to do international work? Why do I want to do what I want to do?

I’m competitive. If you say I can’t do something because I’m not “good enough”, be ready to swallow your words. Sure, it might be classified as “stubborn” in some cases, but more often than not, it’s because I walk with a chip on my shoulder, looking to prove the doubtful wrong. 

I take life competitively, sometimes even by the horns. I set a goal, and go out to achieve it. Once I get that goal, I either push myself one step further, or check it off my list and move on. This is where the problem can arise. Which times do I push it to the next level and when do I simply move on? How do I know which time is which? 

People are often afraid to try new things, for an array of reasons. They’re committed somewhere, too much risk, too much responsibility, something could go wrong, etc. However, I think this is also a great way to stop/limit someone’s growth. There’s a saying that goes “To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.” It’s true to an extent. If you’re going to try something new, should you try it while you’re young and can recover from potential mistakes? Or should you just keep going with the ho-hum life? 

When I consider moving on from something, it isn’t always because the grass might be greener on the other side. It might very well be because I’m looking for an experience that I’ve never had before, and an opportunity to expand my horizons a bit. 


Anyway, that was more a series of questions than any useful information, but I’ll be sure to refer back to this down the road.


I Quit, But I Did NOT Fail…

I quit but I did not fail…because I have not given up. Yep, you guessed it. P90X beat me. It’s not that it was too hard. It was more of a time commitment. An hour and half every night, balance that around dinner (which the Lord forbid be at a consistent hour at my house) and time to digest the meal, and it quickly becomes “hard”. So, I took a few days off. Scratched off my goal of running all those miles this year(I didn’t realize that having access to a gym at school was an advantage I didn’t have at home) as well as P90x and reassessed my goals for the year. 

And now I’m back. 



Sometimes You Just Have to Speak It Into Existence

Hi Folks, 


A few updates on my end-

My internship at Amenta Emma Architects is going very well. I’ve been there for about a month and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. More to come on this later. 

Today’s post is about speaking things into existence. Eric Thomas had a piece on this some time ago. Look it up on Youtube if you’ve got the time. Essentially, it’s all about speaking your goals into reality. I have spoken about becoming an intern at Amenta Emma since my junior year in high school. I didn’t get in for three years straight, no matter how hard (and persistent) I was. After my summer internship at Desman Associates, I told my parents my next one would be at Amenta Emma. I spoke it into existence. I did what I needed to do, set it “in stone” within my head, and it happened. 

Most recently, I received notification that I was selected to be an RA at the new residential dorms on campus this fall and spring. 1 year ago I received notification that I had been placed in Freshmen housing as an RA for a second year straight. Although initially frustrated, I let it be, believing that “everything happens for a reason”. Well, I spoke it into existence, saying that I would muscle through the next year and really line my cards up for a spot in the new building. It worked.

Mentality, motivation, and persistence goes a long way!

Have a great night.